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It’s a good idea to get to know the prostitutes; to be sure you enjoy the company of the one you eventually take home.

The hookers in Bangkok will happily party with you, if you buy them drinks (slightly more expensive as they include a commission for the girl).

Once your bill is settled the two of you are free to leave.

From there it’s entirely up to you - a disco, restaurant, your hotel room, a short-time hotel room - but you should first agree a fee with the hooker (before the bar fine).

Visiting any one of the areas below you will discover a carefree party atmosphere where you can dance, sing (karaoke), drink, eat and meet girls as if you were in your hometown disco.

Girls might approach you, but you can sit alone and choose or move on at will.

When you are ready to take one of the prostitutes home, you will have to pay a bar fine, which is from 300 - 600 baht depending on the establishment.

If you’ve behaved badly, though, the girl might turn down your bar fine.

Classic way for prostitutes in Bangkok is working on the streets, massage salons and go-go bars, but there are also female escorts advertising themselves online. Prostitution in Bangkok seems to be increasing with every passing year.

If you're tired of hooking up with Thai girls, you can find thousands of tourists visiting BKK and expats living in Bangkok.

One good way to meet foreign (western) women in Bangkok is using Tinder app or visiting nightclubs which are popular for foreigners.

Smooci enables you to instantly book escorts with a few simple clicks, at extremely competitive prices.

You will see verified photos and unedited reviews from confirmed genuine clients, and you get to GPS track your date right to your door, Uber style.

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Bangkok is considered as the world’s number one sex tourist destination by several people across the globe.

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