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Def poetry jam dating myself

With YCA and LTAB he's helped foster a community of artists he says have "really set the course for how music is for the world." YCA's website lists several musician alumni on its page for the open mike Wordplay: Mick Jenkins, Jamila Woods, Noname, Saba, Nico Segal, and Chance the Rapper, who wrote the introduction to A People's History of Chicago.

Coval's new collection grew out of research he did for a different book on the gentrification that beset Wicker Park in the 90s.

Most of us have been through the festival and really been involved in the community of YCA.

I'd only come to Wordplay for my last year of high school and through college.

That philosophy of creating space in a segregated city, to have young people who wouldn't have met each other otherwise, to come and hear about each other's experiences. It's so powerful for bringing those powerful new voices out. I had a residency in Texas through the Lannan Foundation last January. I was telling him about how the book that I was beginning to write, about gentrification, was kind of taking this other path. So you should just write A People's History of Chicago now." I was probably the first reader on a lot of the poems.One of the ways he described it to me is, "This is a book where I am not showing off everything that I can do. It could've been three times as long, and it's not.It's a book where I have squeezed the nectar of how I feel about this city onto these pages." The book weaves together a very important geographic location—for me, a personal location—with a history that I think is profoundly important, as well as linking up to this vital project that Howard Zinn popularized, of engaging with a different form of history from below.Kevin talks about the cypher a lot—passing the mike and always expanding. He and Nate Marshall worked on that a lot, and also recognized that not everyone's voice was represented the way it could be. Nate did more of the overarching structure-type stuff.I just saw every poem as the fresh-out-the-­notebook draft and then kind of helped hone it, or bounced ideas off of Kevin for how it could be strengthened the second draft.

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