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It went on to state: "This is because you didn't go to the assessment on 14 February 2018 and we don't think you've given us a good reason for this."When Ms Moloney sent a letter of complaint to Capita with the help of a friend, they responded on 14 March saying that based on information they had received from the assessor ("a description of her house") meant they were "unable to uphold" the complaint.

But after being contacted by , Capita sent Ms Moloney another email on 28 March stating: "Following a further review of your appointment on 14 February 2018 it became apparent the Disability Assessor attended your property earlier than the scheduled appointment time."DWP agreed to send the case back to Capita for a new appointment.

Unfortunately, I have had many a parent tell me that they loved their brain injured son or daughter and would care for them, but they were taking a stranger home from the hospital.

I’ve been living off bread and cheese rather than getting proper food to cook. I cancelled everything that wasn’t a must be paid direct debit,” she told “It’s increased my anxiety levels too, worrying about it and what I was going to do without that money and how long it would take for an appeal to get to a tribunal.“It has really upset me, more so because they messed up and stopped all my ESA instead of just the severe disability premium on it and I didn’t have any idea what was going on with that.

A spinal cord injury or amputation will result in dramatic physical changes but usually leave the person cognitively intact, while a brain injury or stroke not only causes physical disabilities, but also causes cognitive and behavioral disabilities that can substantially change the person.

Many years ago I heard a quote attributed to Barry Rath Ph. "That which makes us most human is most vulnerable to brain injury." We form relationships based upon unique bonds and attractions to each other.

Despite the usual irritants and money issues, they felt they had a great marriage.

Melissa was even handling his deployment to Afghanistan, becoming part of the tight support system of wives and families in a similar situation.

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Ken and Melissa had been high school sweethearts with marriage following his basic training in the Marines.

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