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Posted by / 22-Apr-2019 06:34

I was blessed with a great guy, but also being committed to what I want, keeping a positive attitude, and always focusing on quality over quantity I’m sure helped a ton!I've been on a few first dates now all through apps like Tinder and Bumble. I mean they were great dates and when they ended the guy always told me "I want to see you again" or "We should do this again". I find myself replaying the dates over and over in my head trying to figure out what I did wrong. But I'm just wondering if anyone else goes through this and what you do about it?

After about a month of online dating, I had email exchanges with 6 or 7 guys, which materialized into dates with only two guys and one of those two dates has been my boyfriend for almost 6 months.

It’s a lot of stuff, but it’s finite and it can be conquered. Which means that I can’t get upset when I don’t like 90% of the emails I receive.

And I must be patient because I’m only open to 10% of the population.

The higher your standards, the longer you will likely have to date online.” Simple shifts in perspective like this are life-saving, and allow you to persevere where you’d ordinarily quit.

Your job is not to stop the “wrong” men from writing to you.

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