Double your dating interview

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I took that knowledge, codified it, put it into a system, figured it out for myself and then wrote a book. They don't realise that almost all of the money in a business is made after the customer buys their first item and then returns to buy additional items. When we created our e-mail newsletter, my goal was to create the most valuable newsletter in the world on any topic and then to give it away for free because the Internet allowed me to distribute and syndicate content economically.

I think it is the first time I've had a conversation like this during an interview. The day the website came online, I sold two or three copies of my book.We're probably running at million a year in sales. Modern reality is not about having letters after your name nor is it necessarily about having qualifications or certifications. I found the stuff others were teaching was rehashed from decades ago, seemed corny and ridiculous, was for relationships after you get a date, or was something that seemed a little manipulative or sneaky.We've launched several businesses in various niches, mostly in the relationship and dating advice space as well as the business marketing and Internet marketing space. Modern reality is about wanting to learn different things because your basic Maslow's hierarchy of needs are met. Then I started hanging out with guys that really understood dating and attraction; they were naturals. They were doing things that no one else I had found really noticed. Instead the conversation went in a completely different direction. That was a game-changer for me because before that I had never built a website.We ended up talking about philosophy, Ayn Rand, Maslow's hierarchy of needs, and insight from psychologist Claire Graves. Why don't you tell us a little bit about who you are and where you come from? I got a copy of Microsoft Front Page, locked myself in my bedroom, and started building my website.

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I realised that good marketing isn't just about convincing people to buy stuff; it's about communicating value.

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  1. I'm sorry; I will make make it up to you somehow I love this.. i am Italian on my mums side and on my fathers side, my grandmother was first nations from mantitoba..

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