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In Arabia, people are beheaded for less serious crimes, or at least lose their hands (or hands). In that time of useful conciousness, who knows what senses remain. Just maybe if some of the parents in Ellenville would put a foot in thier kids asses they would learn right and wrong.

My parents disciplined me when I needed it and I did not end up in prison. Yes there are those that were beat as a child, but many more that were just brought up with having no respect for others. duh, what the hell are you trying to say. no fear of punishment form parents, teachers or any member of authority, bring back the chain gang .

And they are tought very clearly that they can not be held accountable for there actions. As someone who has worked with men in prison I can tell you they have all been kicked and beaten by their parents andor family members.

I have live in this town for over 25 years and you can tell who had parents that knew how to raise kids and who didn'my two cent worth don't care if anyone agrees. It's where they learn to use force to get what they want.

But no the assh#$ left wing morons teach every one that if they disiplin there children with a kick in the ass you will be arested for child abuse.

So now our children think they can run everything like the school, the parents, the streets ECT.

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Brutality equals power and right to these criminals.