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return to top Remote applications published in companies are around us in the cloud.

In this talk we are going to add ICA and Terminal Server Apps to fingerprinting process, automating data analysis using FOCA.

Chema Alonso is a Security Consultant with Informatica64, a Madrid-based security firm.

Chema holds respective Computer Science and System Engineering degrees from Rey Juan Carlos University and Universidad Politécnica de Madrid.

It will allow attacker to fingerprinting internal software, internal networks and combine the info in PTR Scanning, evil-grade attacks and command execution trough Excel files.

Numerological analysis, ancient texts, and intercepted communiqués are just a few examples.

During his more than six years as a security professional, he has consistently been recognized as a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP).

Chema is a frequent speaker at industry events (Microsoft Technet / Security Tour, Asegura IT) and has been invited to present at information security conferences worldwide including Black Hat Briefings, Defcon, Ekoparty and Rooted Con – He is a frequent contributor on several technical magazines in Spain, where he is involved with state-of-the-art attack and defense mechanisms, web security, general ethical hacking techniques and FOCA, the meta-data extraction tool which he co-authors.

return to top There is a long tradition of researchers presenting at security conferences on topics that are embarrassing to a large company or government agency: ATM hacking, router vulnerabilities, Massachusetts toll road RFIDs, etc.

Many of these brave researchers risk lawsuits or career ruin to reveal the truth.

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