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Believe it or not, this was a blessing in disguise for those who took advantage of the circumstances. Most influencers love a chance to make some money, ESPECIALLY, if it's relevant to their audience, they should really have no reason to turn you down. If not, run their site through and look into their stats. There are 100s of other traffic sources out there that will be happy to take your money. They’ll send gifts to your home to thank you for your patronage.

I mean think about it...99% of your competition is gone!! Alright, so we've reached the last possible option. That’s the kind of situation to look for when seeking out a traffic source now. Reach out to Facebook directly and apply to become an advertiser.

You can only send text-based messages when chatting for the first time, which Facebook describes as a safety measure.

Facebook will use a unique algorithm to match you with potential dates, based on “dating preferences, things in common, and mutual friends.” You will also be able to find romantic interests via shared Groups and Events.

The two profiles won’t interact, meaning your Facebook friends won’t be able to see what your Dating profile says.

But for legit dating and matchmaking businesses, this was a game changer.....end to so much access. If you can, find a media kit located on their site.

If you sign up for one of these apps, you can immediately pull in your Facebook photos, and autofill information like where you live, work, and went to school.

Tinder even shows users when a potential match has mutual friends with them on Facebook.

HOW TO ADVERTISE YOUR DATING OR MATCHMAKING BUSINESS ON FACEBOOK, EVEN WITH THE FB AD BANJan of 2014 was the beginning of a rough Q1 for those in the dating space.

Facebook decided it was in their best interest, and in the best interest of its users, to ban dating & matchmaking companies from being able to advertise on their platform. All advertisers were thinking about a high click-through rate and it was pretty much a race to see who could get the most scandalous ads through.

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Dating is one of the most competitive niches being advertised on Facebook and all of your competition has been dismantled. The first strategy is the most obvious.....Facebook for permission. And when it's time to start advertising we want to focus on those emotions. Find things that would relate to someone who is looking for a date or looking for a partner without flat out saying it. All else fails, find other traffic sources to get your message to appear on.

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