Failure to launch dating steps

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Failure to launch dating steps

The initial development work was estimated to take about six weeks; pretty good since we only had eight weeks to work with.Orbital (OSC) began in-house design of a new medium-class launch vehicle, originally named "Taurus II" but now known as "Antares", in 2007.The net effect on the corporate parent's bottom line will be quite nice.He developed a Web front end while a fellow developer put together the data feeds.The 0 million project award, recompeted after NASA cancelled Rocket Plane Kistler's original COTS award, was expected to be combined with 0 million of Orbital's own money to develop Taurus II and a new "maneuvering spacecraft" named "Cygnus".

On February 19, 2008, NASA awarded a Commercial Orbital Transportation Services (COTS) Demonstration Mission to Orbital.Orbital's Taurus II fact sheet was updated in May 2009 to show a follow-on "enhanced" second stage option.The stage would be powered by a new Pratt & Whitney Rocketdyne PWR35M engine that would burn LOX and Methane to produce 35,000 lb (15.88 tonne) class thrust.In early December 2007, Orbital provided an initial glimpse of its plans.The company said that Taurus II would, carry Delta II-class payloads by combining elements of Orbital's existing Pegasus, Taurus, and Minotaur launchers with "hardware from one of the world’s leading launch vehicle integrators".

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The first stage will carry 240 tonnes or more of propellant, weigh 18.75 tonnes empty, and stand roughly 28 meters tall.