Fat femals dating

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Imo the bigger issue is the anti-natural way of reproduction by our species, are we getting smarter and smarter in average, I could really debate that (you could just look at all the movies they pump out).Are we becoming less intelligent as a whole race because of short term greed by some group of people?All those dicks apparently drilled some sense into them because they realized the reality of the situation and fixed their shit.Truth be told a reformed fat girl is one of the best bets for an LTR.

But at peak level technology, scarcity of resources stops existing. It's not a perfect process, but it's a process that I split time between Sydney and Melbourne at times, I've lived in Sydney for a decade but I am a Melbourne lad!

Women just sit around, sort through offers, and choose the highest bidder.

Simply by being 'not fat' she can demand top shelf products.

Ugly will become average, and average will become hot.

and anything that would be hot would become a It isn't even fucking fat women that is the problem; practically everyone has banged a chubby girl at some point.

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But next time I'm in Sydney (which might be in a few weeks, my partner's there right now) if I have time I'll shoot you a pm, and if you're in Melb do me the samecheers bro market.