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The media often promote these findings through a type of moral panic, with advocate groups wringing their hands as they attempt to shape the discourse of a perceived threat to the development and future success of male pupils.

The “gender gap” in education is often attributed to a lack of male teachers.

Atrodi lielisku sarunu biedru, iegūsti jaunus draugus vai pat satiec sava mūža lielo mīlestību.

Yet, as the emphasis on qualifications, performance, school ratings and teacher accountability increases, it’s time to consider how the social elements of the schooling environment might be taken for granted, or at least overshadowed, by these educational discourses.

Female pupils were more positive about the school as an institution than the boys, for example.

They felt the school staff had high expectations of them, rewarded good marks and progress, and cared about their academic achievement.

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more The usual discussions about children’s schooling experiences often focus on academic achievement, personal development and school evaluation.

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