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Foreign pursuits dating personals

Therefore, there are not enough desirable American women.3.

It seemed to me that some men posting here thought that just because a woman was foreign she would automatically be attracted to an American man ... The idea is to find someone who wants to be married. MOB ad: I am a loving woman looking for a kind husband to make a happy life together.btw--I'm of Canadian origin and it could be argued that we Anglo-Saxon Canadians have more in common (culture-wise) with Europeans than we do with our neighbours to the south.*Note my spelling of "neighbour" for starters...Just make sure you don't make a mistake and get a "male-order bride" or some very strange guy named Bruce or Percy may show up on your doorstep with a tube of Ky jelly in his hand and a dog collar in the other.Since college I haven't had much luck with American women.I'm only 5'7" and the vast majority of American women want a guy who's taller.

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I am surprised this one is still going.1) There is nothing wrong with MOB.2) You can find the same qualities that they give you domestically, if you look long enough.3) Good luck to all of us, whatever we decide. I am keeping my tongue-bitten on some of my observations, however, because I would not want to be perceived as generalizing.

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