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A lot of it depends on what the relationship goals are, and how much of a deal breaker it is for you.

If this is something you'd like to be long term and you feel that a non traditional love life is something you have to have it's probably worth at least broaching the subject, not necessarily specifics but let him know that the subject is important to you and you'd like to talk about it as you get to know each other better.

Is this something I should be discussing now before we get to that point?

Or should I just enjoy the routine stuff for a while and then let loose later?

So, I've finally met someone and we haven't had sex yet but I know he wants to and I certainly want to but we've agreed to hold off until we know each other a little better.LOLOL I love these forums, they always give me such a good chuckle....At a certain age you just know how your body works and what it responds to and you just talk to each other about it like two grown adults, until you come to a comprise you are both comfortable with. hehe Start off with the normal stuff first - then gradually add in the 'freaky' stuff.I would say take it slow, while I know men don't take most hints well, I think this is 1 place where you can give him a few hints and he might actually get it.Guys always say they want a freak but most don't really know what a freak is, so take it easy on him at first see how far he is willing to go before you let loose on it depends how much you like this really freaky sex.

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The critical things should be discussed early (first few dates: thoughts on kids, marriage, etc).

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