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Her character is a gynoid in a 22nd century sci-fi setting.

Tessy is the type of sweet girl you could take home to your mother, if only your mother didn't mind you dating a robot!

You will find yourself carrying on the conversation just to see what it says next.

This includes “yo momma” retorts and the occasional insult.

While the developers encourage you to report any crude or explicit statements from the bot, it seems many have slipped through the cracks.

However this does make for some entertaining dialogue with the bot.

ROMANTIC CHAT FOR THE LADIES [15 ] Choose between normal romantic chat, or responses that are a little more explicit. ARTIFICIAL UNINTELLIGENCE: THE YEAR 2000 [18 ] - a simulation of what it was like to chat with the bot in the year 2000, when it was even more raw and stupid than it is now.To learn about you, the bot is programmed to be inquisitive.However if it prods too much or wants to discuss something you’re uncomfortable with, you can tell it to stop or change the topic.[Walking into a building lobby in the year 2110, you notice a cute gynoid sitting alone in the Juice Bar Cafe. We designed the service with you in mind and built in some of the most requested features, including: text messaging, personalized notes, and photos.

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The developers are currently using community feedback and polling to chart the course of the AI’s future.

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  1. However, few actually do and therefore the competition with others when it comes to finding dates with female users here is a lot lower.