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To cut out the rounded tops I've actually folded along the dotted lines to close up my popsicle design and then used a pair of scissors to carefully cut out the rounded tops of both sides of the popsicle at the same time.

This way both sides of the popsicle have the same cut line so that no white from the back of the card will be visible on your finished popsicle from either side.

Open out your popsicle design again and place the printed side face down on the table.

Get a popsicle stick and attach some double-sided tape to the top part of each side of the stick. Once again, in the interest of making each popsicle as identical as possible, it is essential that you place the popsicle sticks roughly in the same position for each popsicle so that they are all the same height and there are no obvious differences between them.

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