Free chat lines pompano beach

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Free chat lines pompano beach

If you live on the east coast and fish smallies, you're doing yourself a disservice if you don't have a #10 Mossback Shiner tied on from October thru May.

Rip them as hard as you can to where you think your reel is going to fall apart, or just steady retrieve with pauses and twitches. I just caught a 5 pound smallie full of eggs on this lure. I caught a 20 and a half inch largemouth bass on my 5th cast of the day!!! This bait catches practically every fish in the lake.I've caught a multitude of species on this bait and for those who question its toughness, just letting you know the 4 inch model had the backbone to tangle with a 24 pound muskie and still works like a charm.Favorite way to fish it is with a reel, jerk, jerk, pause technique. From: Comments: Absolutely the best lure in my box. My buddies and I have caught over 200 walleyes in a two week period using the X-rap alone on a river in February and early march.The X-Rap casts like a bullet, allowing you to make long casts.One tip from the Rapala Pro-Staff is to fish the X-Rap on braided line for those long cast situations.

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