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Expanded Universe material develops on Ianto's sexual orientation and the nature of the relationship with Jack, describing Ianto as bisexual and his feelings for Jack as genuine love.

Additionally, writers have used these other media to explore Ianto's characterisation; for example, some stories elaborate on Ianto's backstory, or provide insight into his feelings.

In the series finale, an image of what appears to be Lisa's ghost is used to bring Ianto to mutiny against Jack, but still later when Jack (who cannot stay dead) returns to life, he and Ianto immediately kiss one another.s second series (2008) begins with the team working without Jack, who departed the Hub at the end of series one to reunite with the mysterious "Doctor" from his past.

Ianto's role within the team now more frequently includes field missions, to accommodate Jack's absence.

Following from this, Ianto makes his first crossover appearance in Doctor Who alongside Gwen (Eve Myles) and Jack in the two-part finale of the 2008 series, where Torchwood is called on to help contact series protagonist the Doctor (David Tennant) during a Dalek invasion.

The pair refuse to sacrifice any lives to the alien demands.

Professional critics by and large gave the story extremely positive reviews.

A number of fans, however, were upset by the death of the character, particularly with regards to the romantic storyline's abrupt ending.

In part one, Ianto starts to express insecurity to Jack about their status as couple.

The audience are introduced to Ianto's sister Rhiannon (Katy Wix) and brother-in-law Johnny Davies (Rhodri Lewis), who confront Ianto about sightings of him on a date with Jack.

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