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We were holding each other hand’s as we walked , feeling so much of love for each other. We had been married for 13 years, yet we were so much in love with each other, as if we were newly weds.

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We kept talking sweet nothings as we walked swayingly. Normally we arent demonstrative in front of people, but today we were taking a bit of liberty. We cant call ourselves conservative, but we had been brought up in families where we didn’t believe in the concept of girlfriends or boyfriends. I was her first love, and for me too she was my first love.

Though our parents were not against it, but during our unmarried days, we just didn’t have any boyrfriends or girlfriends. And only when we realized we both were serious about each other , that we went ahead.

We just side-stepped onto the pavement as they were walking on the street.

They seemed the usual noisy bunch of youngsters – a regular sight in Mumbai in Saturday nights.

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But after this evening, I realized it was these small pleasures in life which I was missing. We began with a stroll in a public garden, filming each other on our video camera – to preserve the nice moments for posterity.

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