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"You can see how they advertise malware they would like to sell to each other." It's where hackers and hacking gangs hawk their goods including trojans, bots, and other malicious pieces of software.

Mador explained that it's "very difficult to get in" to these forums.

At the same time, he adds that the rental system is still more prevalent.

The malware Magnitude infected victims with when it got exploit traffic was called 'ransomware.' It follows a simple concept: If a victim is successfully infected, his or her computer files get encrypted, meaning that he or she loses all access to this data.

For instance, RIG brags that its exploit has the "ability to exploit large volumes of traffic." The pricing of these exploit kits are based on rental fees.

So a hacker can rent the use of this kit for either a day, a week or a month, from anywhere from to 0.

The advertisement is written in Russian, but Trustwave translated the important parts.

So if a buyer wants to use an exploit kit, they inject it into a website, but anywhere from 5-20% of that traffic goes back to the original seller, who then can do whatever they want with that victim.

Mador explained that this business model "makes a lot of sense." Buyers don't have to put up any money to cooperate and the gangs rake in a lot of cash for any traffic caught.

Security researchers have been embedding themselves into these online underbellies to see precisely what's going on.

This way they can get an early look at the malware hackers are cooking up, while also learning just how the system works.

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Much like the fine-tuned systems of mafias and gangs that act almost identically to businesses, hackers have also created their own extremely intricate systems — and the scale of their operations is astounding.