Free skype adult chat now

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Free skype adult chat now

Skypito allows kids to feel independent in their communications while parents have peace-of-mind about child’s safety and well-being.

We offer a large collection of games for kids to play with family members and friends.

Skypito Kid Guard prevents Skypito users from communicating with people that have not been approved by parents.

Please Note: Comments posted to the comments area below WILL NOT be approved for display if they contain personally identifiable information such as Telephone Numbers, KIK ID’s, Snap Chat ID’s, Skype ID’s, Yahoo ID’s, Email Addresses, Web Links to Facebook etc.

You will then see a button called "Who is viewing me", once you have found it…

Click the down arrow next to it and all the usernames viewing you are listed.

Parents or guardians must pre-approve (white list) who kids are allowed to talk to or chat with.

Kids can play cool online games with friends, parents or grandparents for FREE.

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First, you as a parent decide who your kids communicate with, and then you mark your kids' buddies as one of the following types: Skypito buddy - these people must use Skypito on their PC in order to speak or chat with anybody.

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