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A porn parody of the Batman: Dark Knight Rises franchise, the Batballs game allows gamers to play the part of the caped crusader himself or even Catwoman.

Rescuing various women from the evil Stroker, is the name of the game in order to find out just how grateful they are.

Below you’ll find everything from sex-based mafia roleplays, to MMO gangbangs, to ‘traditional’ avatar-based cyber sex. Now let’s take a look at some of the top adult game developers, and the best rated virtual sex worlds.

of the games made by Free 3D Adult Games are parodies of popular console or arcade games and there are some popular titles here.

, this mega guide introduces you to the vast and growing world of online sex games where you can live out those fantasies.

We’ve reviewed some of the raunchiest porn games in the world today. With major advances in graphics, increasingly sophisticated gameplay and high-quality virtual worlds, interacting with other people in sexy MMOs makes it possible to live out your fantasies in a way that can be Bookmark this page as we’ll be adding brand new erotic titles every month!

In addition, you are automatically enrolled (unless you uncheck the box) to a seven-day free trial of Erotic DVDs at a renewal rate of .95 and .95 respectively.

Read the full review here Cherry Dolls is more of an interactive porno film than an actual game.

This doesn't mean it isn't fun to play because it is. There are no customization screens or sex shops hawking leather pants, ball gags and greased up corncobs.

In SL you can get pregnant if you have a pregnancy hud attached to your avatar.

If you want to play this role, then you will have to decide for a baby brand.

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The quest for interactive porn will continue right up to the point that we have “holodeck” sex on our lunch breaks.

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