Gay dating search engine

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Gay dating search engine

There aren't a lot of cutting edge apps for gay dating.The most popular one is Grindr, but that app is largely used to find men who want to hook up rather than be your long-term boyfriend. Why can't there be a grown-up alternative to Grindr? With a user base of 1 million there are plenty of other men looking for love on Mister's network, and their new app makes finding "the one" easier than ever.It's not uncommon to see messages like ' No Trump supporters or Proud liberal,'” the website says.

Trump features a stock image of an upscale couple on its homepage, and stock photos extend to many of the profiles inside.

Football fans wandering over to for the scoop on America's Team might be in for a surprise.

The address is now a primarily gay dating site (h/t Deadspin), serving what it calls the "country western cowboy looking for a man to ride into the sunset with." The Cowboys of the NFL can still be found at their official website, Dallas

” The site is owned by Miami-based Friends Worldwide, a company that runs 75 interest-focused dating sites, and it's unclear if there is any affiliation with any group connected to Trump.

But the nationalistic notes constantly struck by the administration are visible throughout Trump. The Wisconsin Gazette reported that the site once included the phrase "Deport liberals from your love life" (although it's apparently been taken down) and the ethnicity options are unusually specific: Users are given the option of choosing "Scandinavian," "Polynesian," "Eastern European" and "Eskimo," a term that is now considered offensive and inaccurate.

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