Geneva receives a proportionate nonliquidating distribution

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Gain or loss recognized when cash and land is distributed 9.

Juliet's adjusted basis (outside basis) for her partnership interest at year-end is: ,000 6,000 ,000 ,000 None of the above Question 4 1. Micah and Ariana formed an equal partnership on June 1 of the current year.partnership tax basis if equipment contributed has a market value less than tax basis 5.Treatment of cash distribution over and above tax basis 6.Her amount "at risk" under §Â 465 is 0,000 (before deduction of any of the passive losses).She also has ,000 of passive income from other sources.

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Micah's tax basis in his interest is $16,000; Ariana's tax basis is also $25,000. Esme's basis in her partnership interest was $20,000 immediately before the distribution. Izzy assigns a basis of $6,000 to the inventory and recognizes a $9,000 loss. Three years after the contribution date, the land contributed by Piper is sold by the partnership to a third party for $360,000.