Girl geeks dating site

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Girl geeks dating site

And this bodes well for you, as you’ll never be required to wait for her to get ready before dates and such.

When she says she’ll be ready in five minutes, she means five minutes.

It’s honestly such a relief knowing your girl is content just being together with you, without feeling pressured to find “things” to do.

I've always found it unattractive when women say they're bored because how can you stay bored (cue Lester Burnham’s voice).

It sucks dating a girl, only to find out she wishes she could turn back time and return back to her “prime years” (which was at some point during her junior year of high school).

Material things won’t really spark the interest of these types of women.You enjoy smoking a bit of weed while watching Food Network and speaking in an Australian accent like Chef Curtis Stone for the remainder of the night. Not for the faint of heart, Serenity and Rami pull no punches!There will never be a dull moment when you’re dating these types of women because there will always be that will spark her interest.Whether it be a morning walk through the city or a night spent watching funny movies, she’ll never be bored.

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More episodes from Rami the Gutsy Geek coming soon covering all areas of geek dating.

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