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Back in 1850, our predecessors were centre stage in the evolution of an industry which led to the telephone and internet.They overcame extraordinary challenges to connect all corners of the world, through innovation, grit and sheer determination, so that the extraordinary became ordinary.The company has two successful joint ventures in China, SBSS and HMN demonstrating the true global reach of the company.

to do that without having to go through an install or update.

That passion is evident in the entire team, as together we are committed to Global Marine completed the installation of the most northerly subsea cable system in the world, which will service the research community of Ny-Ålesund in Svalbard, Norway. The research station supports earth and life scientists and is part of an international research community.

Global Marine had previously been involved with the installation from Svalbard archipelago to the Norwegian mainland now extending the system further into the Arctic Circle.

The global command allows you to run other commands like as if you were running them from the COMPOSER_HOME directory.

This is merely a helper to manage a project stored in a central location that can hold CLI tools or Composer plugins that you want to have available everywhere.

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