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Goals of updating kids website

We have broken out some typical website cost categories and thrown in a range of costs for each.

In some areas, you will be able to get more value for each additional dollar spent.

Good graphic layout and design isn’t necessarily measured in bulk.

A lot of images and fancy animation can be found on cheap sites, while a very simple clean graphic look is often the result of substantial planning and work by disciplined graphic designers.

More than likely, you will receive a range of prices, since each vendor may offer distinct features that will help you build your online identity. There are a lot of fly-by-night Web developers who post information on the Web that is simply not true, or reflective of their organization's capabilities.) At the most basic level, graphic design can be free.

At a very low cost, around 0 to 0 dollars/year, you can produce a site that looks adequate for many basic purposes.If you understand why you want a website, and have done a good job of prioritizing your needs, you should be able to confine the costs to those areas that are most important to you.The key is to spend the most in the areas that will bring you the best return.And, you will want your design firm involved in the preplanning process to a great extent.Creating a website involves strategic thinking, analysis of needs and audiences, and awareness of where you want it to develop over time.

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Another estimate may include elements that you can more easily accomplish in-house.

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