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“It’s hard to say who will make a good granny so at least two of us view the video to give different perspectives.” The Core Team spends a lot of time interviewing potential Grannies over Skype to make sure everyone has an understanding of what is expected of them and also what to expect. All new recruits have to join the (secret) Facebook group and support is offered through email and Skype; buddying is arranged with an established granny; and initial sessions are recommended with ‘less challenging’ groups.About 85% of those who send a video are interviewed and most of them sign up for an initial session. “Grannies on Facebook have infinite patience answering the same sort of question over and over again, and offering tips and insights,” says Liz.However, it is mostly the Grannies themselves who leap in offering support and empathy if a session hasn’t gone to plan.” Despite no funding available for a few years, Suneeta and a few of the Grannies kept the Granny Cloud going at the Ganga Learning Centre in Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh and Khelghar, Pune, Maharashtra because they had developed relationships with these centres and believed strongly in the concept.The Granny Cloud grew following the TED Prize in 2013 but once the new platform launched the demand was becoming too much for Suneeta to handle in her trademark friendly-style.We catch up with Liz Fewings, one of the members of the Granny Cloud Core Team, to talk about its origins and what the future holds.

The Core Team gets together on Skype early every Friday morning to discuss issues, new applications and ways forward, but usually communicates on a daily basis as well.

Our chat room is used by thousands every week, it’s fun, friendly and you can view multiple feeds at the same time.

If you fancy putting on a show others will definitely be watching.

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