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Younger lovers are often curious about the world, willing to explore with you and genuinely interested in your thinking and how you arrived at it.Talking it through often gives you fresh insight and a whole new lease of life as well – younger eyes help you see things from a fresh and different perspective.If someone’s significantly younger than you, the chances are they’re less experienced than you, too – in bed and out of it.They’re more likely to be still discovering their sexuality, keen to experiment and try new things.From that moment on, the blind master befriends Caine and becomes a mentor to him.He gives Caine the nickname of "Grasshopper" in an affectionate reference to this first encounter.

Whilst this isn’t exactly much fun, it does challenge you both to express directly precisely what you like about the other and why it’s valuable to you, which makes for a more solid and respectful relationship.

Dating anybody more than a decade younger than you – or sometimes even less than that – means that they’ll probably a) be much more plugged into the current cultural scene than you and b) have a totally different frame of cultural reference.

This is basically a joy – you can share things with one another and spread the love to your friendship groups as well.

Once again, this doesn’t just mean practical new fun things to do with your partner you might not’ve thought of, it also means (re)introducing you to ways of living and thinking you haven’t inhabited for a while.

It’s worth being prepared for backlash from your friends or theirs about the age difference.

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As a young student at the Shaolin temple, Caine, in his youthful ignorance, takes pity on a blind Shaolin master, believing the master's blindness to be a terrible affliction.