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The attorneys said that court records showed that federal immigration agents arrested at least 20 people the Phoenix Motel 6 locations over the course of seven months in 2017.Motel 6 stated that this was an isolated incident at the Phoenix locations and that they did not endorse this practice.We then went back to the customer service to inform them the room was being occupied, he began a debate about the room being empty and I ended the conversation instructing him to go look for him self and also mentioned that a few rooms we walked past with their room door’s open contained electrical cooking devices that could be a possible be a FIRE HAZZARD!!

The newly designed rooms won the Travel and Leisure Design Award in 2010.We checked and was provided a room, when we got to the door of our room, we could hear the television blaring from inside the room.When we entered there was a couple in the nude currently occupying the room that we were just given, they had electrical cooking devices connected in the room and were having a fish fry right inside.Throughout the 1960’s the Motel 6 model became more popular and the company began to take a small market share away from bigger chains. Kohlberg Kravis Roberts bought Motel 6 in 1985 and began to move it away from the no-frills approach.French-based Accor bought the company in 1990 and began franchising in 1994 in order to expand more quickly In 2000, Motel 6 expanded internationally for the first time with a location in Ontario, Canada.

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The binder has my check books, my birth certificate, my husband’s birth certificate, my kids’ birth certificates, homework and other important documents.