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Hand in hand czech dating service

Technical Data - Diameter: 50 mm - Height : 20 mm - Weight: 120 gr - Capsule: soft plastic - Divisions: 400 grades (was also available with 360 deg. It was also used in Belgium's Army and Gendarmerie units from ... Its dial features a fixed black marching arrow like on the WWI pocket compasses made by MORIN and LUFFT (see these categories). The 1st bakelite case (supplied by Baldon located in Bezons) was presented for acceptation on Dec. Later, in the These compasses had depending on the client's choice a 400 grades, 360 deg.graduation - Colour: black or military green painted case Note: this prismatic instrument is a very simple imitation of the famous british Mk III compasses. 2013) who had inherited the company from his father Fritz Miller in 1951 could not remember having seen items marked like this one. Mirror compasses usually have like the prismatic compasses a double row of divisions on their card: one is printed in normal figures so that angle values can be read with the naked eye directly from above through the crystal. Technical Data - Material: aluminum - Dimensions: 750 x 60 x 17 mm - Weight: 100 gr - External markings: . or a 6400 MILS division but were all delivered with a conversion table stowed in a slot between the capsule and the transparent case body. below the scales D (degrees), G (grades) and M (Mils) plus a 50 mm ruler.Until today, we could not find out the meaning of the abbreviation M. The instrument was utilised exactly like the Bezard UBK with a 10 cm ruler. The first Sss aluminum version (built 1930) was blue-grey coloured (dial: see image at right). Budapest Serial no.: 41868 Below: Dial of the early Bzard-type dry-needle version (1930) Below: The pre-WWII MOM fluid- dampened version with a red and white needle The North marking (szak - check Miscell. attachment loop: nickel (round) - Inscriptions on casing reverse: . Serial No.: 8372 Technical Data Dimensions: see above - Divisions: 6000 mils, clockwise, North facing zero - Weight: 150 gr - Materials: . Mordan & Co made mainly Verner's pattern compasses during WW1. KOEHN for examples of Verner's pattern Mk VII and VIII.

It was designated Mark IV and featured a mother of pearl card with a single row of figures. Technical Data - Materials: brass case, mother of pearl card - Divisions: 360 deg. x depth): 53 x 16mm - Weight: 130gr - Markings: Manufacturer's name on lid, no. It was superseded by the model M-1950 built by many companies (list: see Lensatic) and still in use today. The original and quite heavy version described here was based on the design of the DOLLOND compass described in a 1926 F. It was issued to very few units and replaced during WW2 by a light-weight version (see Superior Magneto and Gurley).Technical data - Diameter (lid): 54mm - Depth: 35mm - Weight (empty): 180gr - Divisions: 6400 mils, counter-clockwise - Paint: grey, rests of green paint Manufacturer: some items are signed AINSWORTH. The original model (designed and built in 1942) was officially modernised a first time 2 years later (Mk II, 1944).Official user instruction available (go to our SHOP) MAGNAPOLE was the designation of some hand-held marching compasses designed and sold by SHORT & MASON Ltd solely and of pocket compasses in cooperation with TAYLOR. At some unknown later moment the remaining items were transformed again. Above: The crystal was secured by means of a wire feather. PROFILE - Short name of the company which was the first French mail order retailer created in 1885. The models shown are (among others) a boussole directrice, a Bzard, a Peign, a Lemaire, a Souchier etc.

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The bakelite case is identical to the more simple one displayed in the MERIDIAN article (above). - Marching compasses: Bzard, Busch, Doignon, Cruchon & Emons, MORDAN, Plan, RECTA, SILVA, "S" (C. PROFILE : British compass type (see also Mark 1, 2 etc.) which was also in use in the French Army (see F. The original version signed Sss Nndor and dated 1930 featured the characteristic dry needle with its disk-shaped south end.

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