Historical analysis of college campus interracial dating zoe saldana dating

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Hierarchical linear modeling analyses were conducted on a 4-year longitudinal sample of 2804 undergraduate students from 24 colleges and universities.

Results confirm that White students continue to be the group most likely to engage in intragroup dating relationships, Latino/a students were the most likely to date interculturally, and that Black men were significantly more likely to date interculturally than Black women.

One of the department’s primary goals is to deepen students’ ability to do research.

The Berea College Department of Sociology supports the initiative of the American Sociological Association to infuse undergraduate research training into the sociology curriculum.

Thus it is likely that intercultural relationships are approached differently between Blacks, non-Blacks, and Whites.In addition to this we provide a research “capstone” to the undergraduate experience, integrating the knowledge and skills acquired in the sociology curriculum.This “capstone experience” for the sociology major at Berea College is found in the courses SOC 461: Field Experience in Social Policy Studies and SOC 436: Sociological Methods in Action.Contrary to the post-racial rhetoric, a few recent studies have found high levels of dating segregation among college students [3].This is unexpected because college students meet all of the criteria required for meaningful racial/ethnic mixing—young in age, of a post-modern cohort, high educational status, frequent cross-race/ethnicity contact, and are outside of immediate family sanctioning [5,6].

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Furthermore, college campuses are depicted as places where individuals of many different racial/ethnic, cultural, and religious stripes come together and learn to move beyond assumptions about the ‘other’, and learn to appreciate people as individuals [7].