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Within four hours of landing in Aruba, the Twittys presented the with the name and address of Van der Sloot as the person with whom Natalee left the nightclub.The Twittys and their friends, with two Aruban policemen, went to the Van der Sloot home looking for Natalee.On July 8, 2005, and after Satish Kalpoe's attorney threatened legal action over Holloway's allegations, which he described as "prejudicial, inflammatory, libelous, and totally outrageous", Holloway read a statement that said her remarks were fueled by "despair and frustration" and that she "apologize[d] to the Aruban people and to the Aruban authorities if I or my family offended you in any way".Holloway was criticized for her focus on Joran van der Sloot and the Kalpoe brothers, to the exclusion of any other theory as to what happened to Natalee.She told the that her daughter would still be alive if Van der Sloot had called for help.Holloway said that she vowed to share her story shortly following her daughter's disappearance, in the hope that other families would not suffer what she had to go through.

A demonstration involving about two hundred Arubans took place that evening outside the courthouse in Oranjestad in anger over Holloway's remarks, with signs reading "Innocent until proven guilty" and "Respect our Dutch laws or go home".

They had a daughter Natalee Ann, who was born in White men dating black women in the u k in 1986, and a younger son Matthew.

Immediately following Natalee's missed flight, Jug and Beth Twitty traveled to Aruba with friends by private jet.

The show became the most watched non-sports program in Dutch television history.

Following the airing of the program, Beth Holloway, adhering to the position that the tapes represent the way events transpired, believed that Van der Sloot dumped Natalee's body, possibly alive, into the .

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In addition, former Aruban deputy police commissioner Gerold G.