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It was the first time I ever rapped in front of people and I remember shaking the microphone back and forth so nobody could really hear me. Nico Segal: I was probably 13 or 14 when I met Chance.

I was in a band called Kids These Days with Vic Mensa and we did this show at Jones College Preparatory, where Chance went to high school.

It's the project that changed everything for then-20-year-old Chancelor Bennett: Before Chance was the first artist to be nominated for, and win, a Grammy for a streaming-only release—before he became the global superstar he is today—he was a scrappy, eager kid who was best known for naming his 2012 debut mixtape sounds like youth.

Songs like "Good Ass Intro" playfully combined a lifetime’s worth of Chicago musical traditions, from hip-hop to soul to juke, interpolating samples from both Common and Kanye West.

He might have even booked the show but I’m pretty sure he got us to be the act that performed. I was hanging out with Chance more at You Media, the after school program Brother Mike ran at Harold Washington Library.

We started recording music literally in that library.

The album had the wide-eyed optimism of childhood, but was unafraid of coming to terms with the difficulties and nuances of becoming an adult.

Even at its most ebullient, like on the call-and-response single "Juice," Chance grappled with the loss of his friend Rodney Kyles Jr., who was murdered in 2011: “I ain't really been myself since Rod passed.” Chicago in 2012 was a city where a new class of young creatives were blossoming while over 500 total homicides were recorded; death creeps in throughout the album, like on "Paranoia," which contains the album’s most pointed line: “It’s easier to find a gun than a fucking parking spot.” In ’s emotional highs and lows, Chance captured the contradictions that define life in Chicago.

There were late-night sessions across several studios, acid trips, tight deadlines, packs of cigarettes smoked, industry meetings that never panned out, and a ton of wild coincidences that felt like magic.It was incredible songwriting, and a considerable artistic leap from his earliest music.On top of that, the features Chance was able to assemble on were just as impressive.Get up-close and personal with your favorite men, right now - at Jock Men The Team at Jock Men Live brings you the BEST in Hard Jocks and Muscle Hunks - where ever they can be found!Can't find a Jock Man to satisfy your need for muscle?

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Instead, it was the close-knit crew of collaborators that Chance assembled, most of them homegrown and still making music together today, finding an unmistakeable shared sound.

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