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"Some of the stuff in the releases over the last year including graymail tools, shipping updates, notifications, photo slide shows and the like, aliases as a technology…

If we thought something was really good in Hotmail we didn't shy away from moving that forward.

You need a comprehensive tool that will monitor the validity of the e-mail addresses in your address book.

Actual Contacts for Microsoft Outlook will send a message containing a form to the selected contacts.

"We took all the features we knew people really liked forward to," agrees Hall.

You actively use Outlook and have lots of contacts.

It is not so easy to catch up with all changes that occur in them.

"We have no plans for a long protracted beta or preview.

I would imaging we would upgrade the Hotmail base to outlook sometime in the next year but we're not putting a timeframe on it specifically right now."The Windows Live name is going away as well; although you'll see lots of references to using a Microsoft account to sign in across Windows, Windows Phone, Xbox and Office 2013, that's not the replacement Hall says.

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Actual Contacts will update all the e-mails in your address book.