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How long can you be friends before dating

What started as an occasional thing “when we felt like it” became a weekly event. We’d stumbled upon something that was ours, and which gave us a weekly excuse to simply hang out together. Maybe a weekly run or a regular workout class could be your thing.

The bartenders learned our names and drink preferences. A friend of mine volunteers with her guy every week or two at different organizations around their city.

What I didn’t anticipate was what deep friendship we would find in each other.

Of course, we already loved spending time together, but we had established a particular routine back home that involved lots of other people and schedules. We got a walking tour book and explored a new neighborhood every weekend, picking out restaurants to try along the way.

Brittle suggests simply adding some meaning to the mundane morning routine by taking a few minutes to ask about the day ahead or share a long kiss to get the day started right.

With that in mind, my husband and I have worked hard to keep the flame alive over the years—champagne, candlelit dinners, love notes, you name it.

I suppose that’s normal early on, but building a strong friendship is about being honest, open, and free.

If you free yourself up to do small things, he’ll likely feel the same way.

I read an article this week claiming scientific proof that complaining only sets you up for more negativity. Everyone says relationships take work, and they do.

I can’t vouch for the research, but I’ve lived that truth. Being nice doesn’t mean you’re a doormat, and it doesn’t mean you don’t have strong feelings about him being late to dinner. You don’t jump to conclusions or get overly angry at small slights. You ask about things that matter to him, even if they don’t really interest you, because you want to learn more about him. But what rarely gets said is that much of that work is becoming better friends…and that happens to be really fun.

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They look online for something that sounds interesting and devote half a Saturday to it.

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