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Hulu the dating guy

But at the same time, they coax out nuances to show that no matter what Alex is saying or doing on the outside, he's plagued on the inside.They accomplish this in the first two episodes (of the four I watched), setting the template: Alex's dreams going from funny to sad; Alex's desire to keep Valerie and Laura living with him because it provides him with a sense of family he never had and cuts through his loneliness; Alex's pensive or vulnerable moments, captured with just a flicker of a facial expression or a savvy positioning of the camera.It's funny, strongly realized, self-assured and a joy to watch. It's those easy elements that are so impressive — because they were hard-earned.It's very difficult to take a 30-minute comedy (dramedy?7, reaffirms Hulu’s commitment to being a major player in the content business.

So being "newly single" might be part of the hook of , but Valerie, through the triumphant work of Watkins, doesn't make it feel like a cliche.

If we don't get any of that detail, 's secret weapons is that it's good enough at nailing the familiar comedic "situation" right out of the box, which could be enough for some.

But to subvert the genre, or at least give it more depth by shading the characters, is how it impresses.

She makes it feel complicated, as though a person can do clueless things even if her brain knows better (because the body has needs).

The specter of parents is also evident in the character of Laura, who grew up smart and aware and can, at times, barely seem like a teenager.

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Mostly the witty banter comes from Alex, who, on the surface, fits into that familiar comedy trope of the free-spirited, stress-free dude whose charm draws women in droves.

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