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A company spokeswoman did not respond to requests for comment.

A principal investigator on the study, Professor Colin Novak, told CBC News in 2014 that researchers needed more time and cooperation from the American authorities to pinpoint the source. Hums similar to Windsor’s have been reported in at least a dozen communities worldwide, including in Australia, England and Scotland, the study said.

It essentially pushes cool air into your home or place of business after the air has been cooled.

As such, the blower in your system plays a vital role but is still susceptible to any number of potential issues.

“There’s not been a lot of buzz about it in the last few years.”A 2003 study in Kokomo by the acoustics and vibration consulting company Acentech prompted two industrial plants to install silencing equipment, providing relief to some residents but not all, a 2008 paper about the study said.“In fact, one affected resident had become so disturbed that she moved more than 700 miles away to relieve her symptoms,” it said. Carpenter said it was possible a major source of the Windsor hum could be eliminated and other mechanical sources would replace it, entering the “heard spectrum.”“It’s possible that no matter what is done to relieve or attenuate the noise, it might never be enough,” he said.

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“It doesn’t need to be loud enough to physically damage you to be really annoying and distracting.”The University of Windsor report said the hum’s likely source was blast furnace operations on Zug Island on the Detroit River, which is densely packed with manufacturing.

Tracing the noise’s origins is complicated by who hears it, and when and where.Others report it rattling their windows and spooking their pets.Known as the Windsor Hum, this sound in Windsor, Ontario, near Detroit, is unpredictable in its duration, timing and intensity, making it all the more maddening for those affected.“You know how you hear of people who have gone out to secluded places to get away from certain sounds or noises and the like?idk if towing would have necessarily been a factor, the bearings just tend to fail with time from what ive seen Good day Kyle, Many thanks for the quick response.One thing I inadvertently omitted - the humming noise stops the instant I take my foot off the loud pedal and reappears as soon as I put the foot back on.

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In the United States, high-profile hums have been reported in Taos, N. Researchers studied the Taos hum in 1993 but did not pinpoint a source.