I am a christian dating a non christian

Posted by / 29-Nov-2019 11:13

I still raise my daughters as Christians and read the Bible and even pray with them.But in my heart of hearts, I just can't fully say that I am a believer. He knows I have certain issues and questions that obstruct me from believing.

They are in church every Sunday as saints, but do many crude things during the week and in my own church to some of the other members.He understands my issues and has said they're things he's struggled with in the past too.Sometimes our relationship isn't the easiest, but we love each other so we're willing to work through our issues. Other Christians will always be around us and while our church is very open and accepting, not everyone will be.Almost all the time there is a feeling of being torn between honouring God and honouring your non-Christian boy/girlfriend. I come from a conservative Christian family and have at times called myself a Christian.There is also the issue of feeling terrible that you have so much love for someone you know you'll be separated from in eternity if they don't believe... But the older I get, the more I have come to terms with the fact that I just don't know what I believe.

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