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Is there a way to configure this, either in the file downloaded or in Outlook preferences?I know the file can specify a minimum refresh interval (via the Outlook relies on the custom property X-PUBLISHED-TTL to set the download frequency but unless set in the file you subscribe to, there is no way to force within outlook an update frequency (nor in google calendar).Since the mirror gracefully hides the calendar data, I didn’t really notice it on my own Magic Mirror. To figure out what was wrong, I started with the feed url.When I entered this in my browser, the file was correctly downloaded, and after opening, it seems to look fine …The next step in the calendar display process is the proxy script: calendar.php, since an Ajax request direct to the i Cloud servers is not permitted. Supported encodings are “identity”, “deflate”, and “gzip”.I need to re-import events but I want to make sure that the existing events are updated.Currently if I do an import, it adds additional event instead of updating existing event on my Outlook calendar.To trick Outlook into refreshing an Internet Calendar, go to File:: Account Settings:: Account Settings (button):: Internet Calendars (tab) Then choose the calendar you wish to refresh, click "Change...", stick a space in the description (or remove a space), then click OK.

Now, other software in which I imported the exact same feed, e.g.i Cal is a Web Calendar Server for all flavors of Microsoft Windows.It is an event calendar that can be used for scheduling meetings, events, vacations, menus, or just about anything else.However Microsoft has a custom way to control the update frequency: with a custom calendar property: X-PUBLISHED-TTL (see microsoft msdn calendar) This specification modifies the definition of the "URL" property to allow it to be defined on an i Calendar object.The following additions are made to the definition of this property.

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If you use multiple accounts on your Mac like i Cloud, Gmail, and Yahoo, make sure that i Cloud is your default Calendar account: If you get a calendar request that you think might be spam or junk, let us know.

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