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We made it easy for publishers to monetize their mobile traffic based on our advantage on mass data processing and the business model suitable for publishers, and enabled advertisers to target the most suitable customers when promoting their products or brands on mobile advertising networks.Here in Domob Mobile Advertising Network, we provided a fair, reasonable and efficient resource allocation platform, and we are working on bringing the best value to publishers and advertisers.Cash Bus provides 24/7 online automatic credit service to their clients.Since found, Cashbus has received investment from Chinese Growth Capital and Qiming Venture Partners.Only in one year, Helijia has exceeded all the other competitors with about one million registered users, more than 2000 beauticians, above 20000 orders per day in maximum and over ¥150 of average price.After A round of ¥30 million RMB from IDG, the estimated investment of B round has reached a billion RMB and C round is close to 300 million US dollar.We have senior experts in the field, and a research and development team with famous senior engineers, all of which give us particular technology advantage in running an advertising system.

Although still early for many of our portfolio companies, we are honored to partner with them as they continue to innovate and grow successful businesses.Hairun Media is the largest private-owned film and TV dramas production company in China.Annual TV series production volume of Hairun is more than 600 episodes, which outperformed most of the SOEs.Headquartered in Guangzhou, Find Plastic Established branches in Yuyao, Dongguan, Lecong, Shanghai and Chengdu respectively.Founded in 2008, Forgame Group is one of the largest cloud-based gaming companies in China.

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During the past eight years since its establishment, e Hi has experienced a steady and rapid growth while achieving industry leading vehicle utilization rate and brand-name recognition. Find Plastic provide business matching services for plastic trading and is now the Top1 plastic spot trading platform in China.