Im 18 and dating a 26 year old Telugu lo sex chat sites

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Im 18 and dating a 26 year old

A teen this age does not have the ability to judge this situation appropriately and is confused.This entire family needs much Christian counseling. The 16 yr old is an adult( can't charge by law )however, the 23 yr old is held accountable by God as he made her falter.Perhaps he wasnt strict in his guidelines on dating with her.I believe, that if the couple truely love one another, they should marry and make it right. yea the man should have charges pressed against him, it wouldnt have been a problem if they didnt have sex.Do you think a 17 year old guy dating a 24 year old girl is wrong?Is it wrong for a 20 year old to date a 17 year old?If my friend does not care it should not matter to anyone else am I right or is it just okay for people to make fun of her and him being together cuzz of the ten year difference Is it wrong for a 17 year old to be with a 14 year old?Would it be wrong if a 17 year old went out with a 15 year old?

I dont think the father should press charges if she is pregnant.

It's going to be even harder on the girl because now is going to have a baby at 16 and she has not even finshed school yet.

Were is the 16 yr olds mother and why did she not put a stop to this or at least tryed.

Bethany: The 26 year old predator can get salvation in prison, where he belongs.

There must be consequences for this kind of crime, and he belongs in prison.

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