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Sleeping around is a risky business, emotionally, physically, and morally, and this is no light undertaking. During my first two weeks at Smith I felt rather like a display in a shop window.

I have never really understood why it is considered to be so easy for girls to say yes, particularly to four different men over a period of two weeks. Boys from Amherst, Yale, Williams, and Dartmouth swarmed over the campus in groups, looking over the new freshmen for one girl that they could tie up for the next eight Saturday nights, the spring prom, and a house party in July.

We need to feel our place in history; it helps in our constant search for self-identity.

But while the Beatniks travel about the country on the backs of trucks, the rest of us are going to college and then plunging—with puzzling eagerness—into marriage and parenthood.

I think that we bewilder our parents with our sensible ideas, which look, on the surface, like maturity.

Quite often they really are, but how did we get them so early? Since so many of us are going to college, a great many of our decisions about our lives have been and are being made on the campuses, and our behavior in college is inevitably in for some comment.

Two criticisms rise above the rest: people in college are promiscuous, for one thing, and, for another, they are getting married and having children too early.

These are interesting observations because they contradict each other.

(This depends on his and her notions of what constitutes a nice girl.) Now if Joe sounds abominably lazy, besides being a monster of self-indulgence (which, of course, he is), I do not mean to say that he is the living example of young American manhood.We have a compulsion to plan our lives, to take into account all possible adversities and to guard against them.We prefer not to consider the fact that human destinies are subject to amazingly ephemeral influences and that often our most rewarding experiences come about by pure chance.Or parents kicked over so many traces that there are practically none left for us.That is not to say, of course, that all of our parents were behaving like the Fitzgeralds. But the twenties have come down to us as the Jazz Age, the era described by as having "one abiding faith—that something would happen in the next twenty minutes that would utterly change one's life," and this is what will go on the record.

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The depressing aspect of this perpetual twosome is that it is so often based on sex and convenience.