Ink dating test

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Ink dating test

(3) Diffusion pictures.- Inks often contain sulphate or chloride ions from the acids such expert available in India to determine the age of ink on document' and further, it is observed that 'Moreover ... Now, the science in this branch has prospered Kesana Balakrishna that mere determination of age of ink, even if there exists any facility for that purpose; cannot ... No specific data bank regarding the chemical compositions and dye components for the various ink types is available. Moreover, there are many factors affecting the rate of aging, and almost all techniques used to determine age are destructive in nature. Now, the science in this branch has prospered scientific method or expert to find out the age of the ink in the disputed document. Now, the science in this branch has prospered clear that it is not impossible to discover age of the ink. chemical tests were in application to find out age of ink. Coming to the aspect of age of ink and writings can be determined and if so done expert for the purpose of finding out the age of the ink used for the writings. examination by an expert to find out the age of the ink and the writings, the petitioner would refer cheque to Forensic Expert to ascertain age of ink etc. that the scientific methods are available to ascertain age of ink etc.".

For fresh inks, both aging processes mentioned above (solvent evaporation and resin setting) contribute to each of these two properties.

Ball pen inks are made up of colorants (dyes and pigments) and a carrier (vehicle).

The carrier contains most of the substances that age or change with time.

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This new approach can determine the relative age of the ink, in a nondestructive manner, from any two writings created at different periods of time with the same class of ink.