Interacial dating theory

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Interacial dating theory

Those who think of white people in monolithic terms miss this nuance.A small study of whites married to blacks documented increased understanding of racism.As of the 2010 census, the most reliable recent source, around 24 percent of adopted children in the United States were placed with a parent of a race different from their own, up from 17 percent in 2000.Christian groups in red states are part of this trend.

Whites with reduced prejudice, in turn, have a worldview similar to that of many minorities; that is, they support policies designed to reduce racial inequality.Social psychologists have even documented that people can develop virtual ties with a fictional character or, say, a black president, in ways that reduce prejudice.As the media represents more diverse racial experiences with shows like “Black-ish,” it will further humanize others.Ardent integrators also transfer benefits to the less dexterous people in their tribe.Attitudes can be improved merely by knowing that someone has a close friend from another group.

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As a descendant of slaves and slaveholders, I embody uncomfortable incongruities — just as America does.