Internet dating for sporty people

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Internet dating for sporty people

He really pushes his limits by incorporating creative storytelling, visual effects, stop motion and animation into his videos.

The Vsauce channel is run by a very bright guy named Michael who explains some of the weirdest stuff to his viewers according to science.

Although a little more inappropriate and vulgar than some of the others, Shane has made directing and professional editing a big part of his videos.

He's very well known for filming himself playing characters like “Shananay” and “Aunt Hilda,” which are just two of his iconic personalities that appear like they’re interacting with one another in the videos.

Their wildly successful You Tube channel eventually led them to star in their very own TV show and even release their own line of cookware.

More » Shane Dawson is another top You Tuber who knows how to get weird and entertain his huge audience with his hilarious videos.

The channel is run by Ryan Higa—a native Hawaiian who creates funny skits and parody videos based on a wide variety of situations.

He's well known for screaming “TEEHEE” at the end of each video and has over 17 million subscribers as of May 2016 (more than RWJ at the time of writing).

Before Ray William Johnson took the number one spot for most subscribed You Tube channel, Nigahiga was at the top.She makes videos and talks directly to her viewers about all kinds of topics or any major events that might be happening at the moment.Her videos are pretty funny and sometimes showcase her acting and directing skills in small skits or music videos.Vsauce also has a couple more challenges, Vsauce 2 and Vsauce 3, which are hosted by other people.Shay Carl managed to make a career out of filming home videos of his family for years and sticking them up on You Tube.

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Here are just 10 very creative individuals who worked hard and stayed persistent with their videos, eventually turning the into internet celebrities.