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The strength required for intimacy is a strong sense of self and self worth.

I prefer to use the concept of “self-efficacy” over that of “self-esteem.” Being intimacy “abled” is not so much having a positive view of yourself as it is having a sense that you should and can act in effective ways to protect yourself and enhance your own life.

Addicts will often avoid even close friendships or social situations because they anticipate having to play a role.

And playing a role is much more strenuous than being yourself.

Would you prefer to chat or write letters to get to know someone before actually meeting? Allow me to give you a magnificent piece of advice that can change your life.

Gaining these skills involves a combination of not only addiction treatment and therapy but assertion training, which involves de-conditioning what is essentially a phobic reaction to being emotionally honest and practice with basic relationship and communication skills.

Learning to be stronger is what allows us to be vulnerable in relationships.

Addictive behaviors are a way to adapt that does not depend on another person for comfort or support.

If other people are involved in the addictive behavior, it is because they facilitate or support the addict using a drug or behavior with which to distract, stimulate or soothe themselves.

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Because of their early life experiences, addicts are afraid of intimacy.

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