Iran dating customs

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Iran dating customs

A downward gaze is seen as a sign of respect and not a sign of lack of confidence or disinterest.Personal space in Iran is determined by the context, however a good distance between people of the same gender is about one meter, and a good distance between people of the opposite gender should be at least 3 meters.Iranians have many beautiful customs and traditions.They are close to extended family members, and they have great respect for the elderly and are very hospitable to foreigners.

In a formal scenario, address people by their title and their last name.

Talking up your own gift could cause it to be declined; you must also be careful about praising any possession if you interact with an Iranian or visit their home.

If you praise something, the owner may try to offer it to you as a present.

The Persians had attempted (and failed) to conquer the Greeks on two separate occasions and in retaliation Alexander the Great then conquered the entire Persian Empire in 330 B. In the eleventh century it was conquered by the Turks and then later, Persia was overrun by the Mongols in 1250.

However, in the early sixteenth century, the present form of Shi’ism as the Iranian state religion was founded by a religious movement – the Safavids.

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Men can dress in western attire, but it is advised not to wear short shorts or shirts with sleeves that are too short.