Is positive singles a good dating site

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Is positive singles a good dating site

To be honest, if you verify yourself, and get the little icon that says you are verified, you are going to be much more attractive to the single women on the dating site. Going beyond the regular dating website stuff, there is a forum, chat room, and blog section. While they do act as a way to meet other positive singles, they also act as a way to offer support.

It is like a community of like-minded people going through the same situations, and it extends much farther than dating and trying to find someone who is a perfect match.

The site talks about having over 120 thousand conversations per day with their 15 thousand daily active members. This is one of the busiest dating websites that I have been on. And these people are smart, educated, and honest about themselves.

According to, there are almost as many women on the site as there are men, which is rare.

I have done my share of dating website reviews, and men are almost always the more dominant participant, unless it is a millionaire dating site, where women tend to outnumber the men!

To me, if you are looking for a positive single to date, then you want a membership.

In fact, in the left-hand sidebar, there are a couple of links that lead to inspirational stories and treatment stories. In other words, a lot of people have an STD, so it is something that many people are dealing with as part of their everyday life.

These are stories from members of Positive Singles, and as of this review there are over 1800 stories in total! Plus, you have the ability to add your own story and inspire other people. In short, Positive Singles doesn’t sound weird to me.

Like a regular dating site, you create a profile about yourself and fill out some questions about who you are looking for in an ideal partner.In short, if someone checks you out, they will know everything they need to know about you to make an informed decision.Also, you can easily verify your photo, income, age, occupation and education.When you are inside, you can extend your answers to let other Positive Single members know more about you.For instance, you can talk about your first date idea, your hobbies and interests, your relationship history, job details, where you like to travel, whether you have pets, and a ton more.

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I think that this is what makes Positive Singles so frickin’ cool! over 50 million adults have genital herpes, and over 776,000 are infected every year.

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