Islamic speed dating

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Islamic speed dating

We need to hear from all of you single Muslims out there!

This is why we hope you will take a few minutes to fill out our brief survey and let us know whether you would like ISNA matrimonial banquet to be held in your city.

The reason that the wali is needed is to avoid having the speed dating interaction be a topic of gossip for the public (fitnah), protect the woman from potential harm that comes with meeting strangers, allowing the wali to investigate prospects in order to choose the best for the bride, and to avoid social ills such as premarital sex. Each speed dating session lasts 5 minutes before the women and their wali will have to move to a different table to meet a new prospect.It started when Norhayati and Zuhri were teasing Syed Azmi about getting married.Coincidentally, how Norhayati found her husband and how Zuhri found his wife was almost in the same manner of how Halal Speed Dating works.Once approved, applicants will be given details of the face-to-face speed dating event.However, unlike conventional speed dating, the woman will be accompanied by a chaperon, also known as the ‘wali’.

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