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John Wesley and his brother Charles Wesley sailed from England for Georgia, Charles to serve as secretary to James Oglethorpe, while John was to be a minister to the Georgia colonists.John Wesley’s time in Georgia was an unhappy one, as he wished to be a missionary to the Indians, plus he fell in love with a young woman who chose to marry another man.

A group of German Salzburgers arrived in the colony of Georgia.He would not be officially approved by the trustees until May 10, but was so eager to begin his duties that he sailed months earlier, arriving in Georgia May 7.Traveling with Whitefield was James Habersham, who would become one of colonial Georgia’s leading citizens.Soon after Whitefield’s arrival, he visited Tomochichi - once on May 16 (no one was there to speak English and interpret), then again on May 20.In England, the Princess of Wales gave birth to a son, who would become King George III, from whom the American colonists would declare their independence in 1776. He was buried in Percival (later renamed Wright) Square in Savannah; James Oglethorpe served as one of his pall bearers.

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He was successful in gaining funds and 600 soldiers, and while in England was named “Colonel of the Regiment of Foot for the Defence of His Majesty’s Plantations in America.” He sailed back to Georgia in July.